Quadrille Team

Quadrille Team
Spring -Open House

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lease and love me : )

Romulus - Patient, kind horse who loves to teach beginners how to ride.   Golden Gift (Goldy) - Magic Bar Gem - see descriptions on website
   Al-currently being partially leased. 
 Killian-a/k/a Zac - Dutch Warmblood - Second/third level dressage horse -
      Zac's  and rider's picture is on opening page of website 
        www.springcreek-farm.com (page with wood panel background)
     Sire - Consul - approved by Dutch WB Society
       leasing rate additional to posted fees.
Ballego - Thorobred - ring/trails/dressage competition - additional rate
     partial lease  or exclusive lease (full lease not available)
      call 610-970-1373 for more info.

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