Quadrille Team

Quadrille Team
Spring -Open House

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lease and love me : )

Romulus - Patient, kind horse who loves to teach beginners how to ride.   Golden Gift (Goldy) - Magic Bar Gem - see descriptions on website
   Al-currently being partially leased. 
 Killian-a/k/a Zac - Dutch Warmblood - Second/third level dressage horse -
      Zac's  and rider's picture is on opening page of website 
        www.springcreek-farm.com (page with wood panel background)
     Sire - Consul - approved by Dutch WB Society
       leasing rate additional to posted fees.
Ballego - Thorobred - ring/trails/dressage competition - additional rate
     partial lease  or exclusive lease (full lease not available)
      call 610-970-1373 for more info.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bombproofing Clinic by Joanne Kricker of the Fair Hill Mounted Patrol.

A fun and informative day was had by horses, some staff members and manager of SCF on April 12, 2008 at the
clinic. Berks Equine Council's bombproofing clinic helped Goldy, our almost three year old Haflinger mare, and Magic,
our reliable quarterhorse develop more confidence and trust with their partners - both unmounted and
mounted. The horses passed many scarey objects, walked on various surfaces including a Mattress ! , and
practiced opening and closing gates. Other horses attending were dressage competitors, western ridden
horses and horses who enjoy other disciplines of riding. Everyone found the workshop beneficial. We're
looking forward to attending again next year with SCF lesson horses and/or boarder(s)' horse(s).
Note: As of May 2008, Goldy is available for lease. See website for details www.springcreek-farm.com
or call 610-970-1373.


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