Quadrille Team

Quadrille Team
Spring -Open House

Monday, February 4, 2008



Lmcponies said...

What a warm, wonderful February day!
Risky, Sam, Magic and Spooky all enjoyed being ridden in the excellent
footing in the riding rings. Happy not to have to ride in mud.

Lmcponies said...

Today Lorraine and three of the rider/helpers started tossing around ideas for the upcoming summer Horse/Pony Camps. Sounds like there
may be some full day camps in addition to the usual 1/2 days.
More time - more fun and skills !

Lmcponies said...

Joe and Lorraine attended important meeting of LCRDC to hear guest speakers Bud and Gwen Wills give a very informative and urgent talk on saving our horse trails from developers. Every horse trail rider is desperately needed to attend
meetings, repair trails and show up and be involved OR we'll have no trails left. The bikers and hikers show up and the horse people are leaving themselves out of the planning. Trails are being closed to horses because of this lack of
participation by horse people. Call or email for more info.

Lmcponies said...

Five of the Spring Creek Farm regulars went to
HorseWorld Expo in Harrisburg, plus bumped into
many other friends. Some worthy workshops, lots
of good shopping !

Lmcponies said...

Haflinger Clark's Golden Gift and quarter horse Magic Bar Gem benefited from the useful
Bombproofing clinic held recently at Passport in
Oley. The work presented by Joanne Kricker of the Fair Hill Mouted Patrol proved to be fun and
confidence building for both horses and also Spring
Creek Farm staff members.


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